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Tiny Tots (age 2yrs): 

This 45 minute class is an introduction to rhythmic dance and creative movement.  Basic fundamental loco motor skills and movement vocabulary are developed.  Beginner ballet and tap foot and arm positions are introduced.


Pre-K Combo (ages 3&4):

This class is broken into 2 thirty minute classes.  30 minutes of Ballet and 30 minutes of Tap introduction.  These classes serve as an introduction to rhythmic dance and creative movement for each genre.  Basic fundamental loco motor skills and movement vocabulary are developed through creative movement.  Beginner ballet and tap skills are introduced.


Kinder Kids Combo (ages 5&6):

This class is broken into 3 thirty minute classes.  30 minutes of Ballet, 30 minutes of Tap and 30 minutes of Jazz introduction.  These classes serve as an introduction to rhythmic dance and creative movement for each genre.  Basic fundamental loco motor skills and movement vocabulary are developed through creative movement.  Beginner ballet, tap and jazz skills are introduced.


Ballet/Tap/Jazz/Lyrical/Hip Hop/Contemporary/Musical Theatre (ages 7 and up):

These 45 minute or 1 hour classes are designed to introduce children/adults to the techniques and styles of each genre/subject.  Classes typically consist of either a barre or center warm ups, isolations, stretching, conditioning, movement transitions across the floor and learning various choreography combinations.  Students are placed by age and level by the discretion of the teacher/studio director.


Zumba (Teen through Adult):

Combination of the toning and strengthening power of aerobics with a fun fitness-party incorporating a Latin flair.


Irish Step (various ages):

A style of dance with its roots in traditional Irish dance.  Two types of shoes are worn; hard shoes which make sounds similar to tap shoes and soft shoes which are similar to ballet slippers.


JDDC Dance Company: 

The JDDC consists of select dancers of various ages and levels of experience/talent that have auditioned for placement on the team.  The JDDC is geared toward the more serious dance student who is interested in taking their dance ability to the next level and wants to explore additional opportunities outside of the dance room.  Company members are required to enroll in specific mandated classes to hone their dance skills and enhance their abilities along with their choreography rehearsals and weekly practices.  Each JDDC member will perform at several dance competitions or a national competition in a particular season, which are events where dance groups from the tri-state area or nearby region come to perform and are judged and critiqued by trained dance professionals.  The competitions we participate in are carefully chosen by the studio director to make sure each one meets our standards and needs.  Competitions are important because they give dancers the opportunity to perform multiple times in a warm and friendly atmosphere while at the same time pushes them to master their art.  Performing in front of an audience and judging panel is a great learning tool for dancers.  There are levels of placement within our dance company and dancers are placed on age and ability, not strictly one or the other necessarily.  We also designed a tiered structure of levels within the company which is based solely on dance ability.  We have our WHITE LINE which is for our novice or inexperienced dancers, our BLACK LINE for our intermediate level dancers and our GOLD LINE for our most advanced dancers.  We hold auditions every July for our existing members and for new members.  Being a member of the JDDC means your dance commitment is a year round commitment that requires training in the summer months to maintain technique, conditioning and agility.  Other general expectations and requirements but not , limited to are following a specific dress code, additional costume fees, choreography fees, entry fees for competitions, shoes, make-up, tights,  etc.  These requirements are spelled out in our parent/student contract which must be signed prior to acceptance on team.



Learn how to tumble and stunt acrobatic tricks and movements that can be executed in a floor routine.

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