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Welcome to JUST DANCE Dance Studio, one of the most reputable studios on Long Island.  We offer a family friendly atmosphere and have been in business for over 15 years.  We pride ourselves in educating students in the art of dance. Our devoted and dedicated staff provide students with not only knowledge of how to execute dance steps correctly and safely they reinforce it with the proper dance terminology as well.  Our spacious studio is designed to give our students the proper room for their dance training.  Class size is determined on the size of room and the age/level of the students for each class we offer.  We offer an array of classes from ages 2yrs old thru adult.

Our studio calendar runs similar with the school calendar but we do not close for every holiday.  Our tuition is based on a 10 month payment plan.  Late fees are applied to a student’s account for excessively late payments.  We accept cash, check and credit cards.


We proudly serve Nesconset, Hauppauge, St. James, Smithtown, Lake Grove and the surrounding areas with high-quality dance lessons.


From hip hop and jazz to musical theater and ballet, we teach a variety of dancing styles to ensure your child is well-versed in their abilities.


At the time of registration we require a registration fee for both new and existing students. This fee is to ensure your spot in a particular class and the administrative elements associated with enrolling a dancer in a class/classes. Registration fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. It is understood and agreed that monthly tuition is due at the first class of each month. In addition, monthly tuition will remain intact even if your child misses class.  Strictly as a courtesy, make-up classes are available. If a dancer chooses not to make-up a class, tuition will still be due.  There are no exceptions. It is understood and agreed that if a dancer does not participate in the recital for ANY reason, all costume fees paid up to date are NON-REFUNDABLE. Once ordered, costumes are NOT subject to cancellation. Therefore, parents accept the responsibility for any outstanding balances incurred.


Each year we have an annual recital at a local venue which encompasses all of our studio classes and students. Participation in the recital is not mandatory however we encourage all students to participate and encourage this opportunity. The recital is a big event and it allows the chance for parents, family members and friends to watch their dancer perform and appreciate what they have learned.  For each class a dancer is in, a costume is needed. We hold a ticket sale in May where tickets for this event can be purchased and will be sold until the date of the recital or while supplies last.

A costume deposit of $50 is required in October with balances due in February.  Students are measured in November by our staff and costumes are

NON-REFUNDABLE. Costume companies do not allow for refunds so once a deposit is made, the costume balance is your responsibility. It is our studio policy not to hand out costumes until balances are paid.


We understand how overwhelming your schedule may be, and that's why we offer you child classes later in the day.

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We offer you a wide variety of classes to choose from to ensure your child's creative needs are always met when they come to us for proper training.

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